The building has three floors. The rooms are stylish and comfortable furnished and decorated inspired from the spring, the summer, the autumn, the winter, the sea, the rivers, the mountains, the flowers, the sun, the rocks, the coasts and everything connected with the natural nature. Every room is different furnished, supplement the themes. The individual decision of every room, as the name, comes on at the beginning Au Nature is cozy and Mountain View family hotel.


Nature,Natur, Au Nature, La Natura, Naturleza,and Natura in different languages means one –nature, substance, natural, clean.


In guest house Au Nature there is stylish, cozy restaurant, where you can feel at home. In the restaurant there is a fireplace, plasma television, the furniture is very comfortable. There is a kitchen, which can be used from the guests, if they prefer that. In a big garden with barbeque, you can delight of the spring and summer days and nights. The house disposable with apartments and double rooms, with total capacity 18+4 places. In every room there is bathroom, toilet, balcony, fridge, TV, cable TV. There is spring bed, hotel type. Every room is different color and furniture decorated. Au Nature has private parking places. Wireless network is available.


There is a safe case on a reception.


There is POS terminal for comfortable paying.


Magazines and newspapers are available.


Fishing rods are provided too.