Golyama Jelyzna is situated in Vasiliovska foothill of the Balkan. Here you can do your Eco mountain passage and charge with the energy of untouched nature.

Mountain cycling-the peaks around the village proposed varied area with different rate tilt difficult. From some paths raise up has opened horizon.

Through the summer month July the village proposes days of competition of motto cross. There are many area suitable for cross with ATV.

Hunt-the area has plenty of wild animals, suited for hunting. There is shooting lodge, which offer wonderful opportunities for hunting. Would be a pleasure for us, to make contact for you, with a punitive detachment.

Fishing-Sopot Lake proposes you opportunity to throw fishing rod, having a rest, among the nature.We will give you fishing accessories.

Newspapers-if you just want to use your holiday for a rest, far away from daily round, we will give you newspapers and books.

If you are sworn Eco tourist……and you’ve been attracted from caves, water sports, hunting and fishing, or just want some rest….don’t be hesitant to pack your suitcase and   go toward this exceptional place in Troyan Balkan.