Cave Saeva dupka-one of the bigger caves in Bulgaria is situated 30 km from us, you have the challenge to include it in your program.

Troyan monastery-it is one of the bigger monasteries and famous Bulgarian monasteries. It’s founded at the end of 16 century. It‘s remarkable with his architecture, wood-carvings and unbelievable wall paintings in the monastery church- act Zahari Zograf-one of the greatest of the Bulgarian national revival painters. The monastery has been famous literary centre and a real revolution centre in the middle of 19 century. Here was founded revolution committee from Levski, where were participate all monks. For these times evidence the museum of Levski

Natural science museum Cherni Osam village-the museum is situated in Cherni Osam village, situated in northern hills of the Balkan, on the both riversides of river Cherni Osam. During 1992 y. gain statute of Natural science museum. In the museum are shown over 700 exhibits. In the attraction hall are exhibited mammals, there are records from bird songs, roar of bear, wail of wolves. There are many fishes, retiles and many other animals, which are habituated in this Balkan. The main purpose of the museum is to show the fauna of the Balkan.


National exposition of art crafts – Oreshak village is situated, Troyan municipality is the only one at the country, and where at the art halls are showed unique objects of national craft arts, manufactured from Bulgarian masters from all area of the countryside.

The museum of national craft arts and applied arts Troyan city-nearby is the street of the crafts, from where can buy the creations of famous troyan masters.