Nature-inspired from the nature!
match cozy, calmness, style, which will make you feel in sunny home far away from the home! Home, among of the beautiful nature and the impressive sceneries of the Troyan Balkan. Троянския Балкан

In front of you, there are beautiful views. Sopot Lake, one impressive reservoir, situated in the foot of the Balkan, propose you possibilities for fishing and water sports.

The surroundings of the village were habituated from a hoary antiquity a proof of that is many artificial hills.

At the Centrum of the village there is a church dating from 1857y.

The most popularity nature landmarks are the caves Toplya and Yalovitsa, the rock Kupena, from cave Toplya spring the river, which is flow to the lake Sopot.

Подарете си една прекрасна почивка на планина, в къща за гости Ау Натур, в Троянски балкан!