Всичко започва от името, името означава природа, свързано е с природа. Натур или още природен, натурален, ще Ви подскаже за мястото, на което ще попаднете, къща за гости Ау Натур е сред природата, откъсната от света.Nature, Natur, Au Nature, La Natura, Naturleza, Natura, Натура означава едно-природа, естество, натурално, чисто.

The nature is all around and you touch it, when you sitting on the balcony, contemplating gorgeous view, which is open in front of your eyes, taking a sip of your morning coffee. You breathe fresh and clean mountain air, combined with silence and calmness.

You are among of the hills of Balkan, taking for a walk in the forest paths, delight of the virgin of the nature in one day afternoon. A forest path leads to Au Nature-your place for relax, wrapped in calmness and silence, nestling among the hills of the Balkan.

After Au Nature there is only the fairy of the nature and the mountain. Here is provided the necessary doze calmness, silence, fresh air, escape from hurry daily round and dynamics of the city. 

For connoisseurs of one different inspired rest!